Portugal situation update

Portugal is a country of 92 000 km2 located on the Atlantic coast of Southern Europe. It has a common border with Spain of 1215 km.

Its population is 9.9 million, and an estimated 4.6 million are Portuguese abroad.

Entered in 1986 in the EEC, it benefits from structural funds and European investments. In 1985, its GDP was 50% of the European average, today it is 70%. Its growth is 3.5% per year for 6.9% of unemployed.
The administrative organization has two levels of decisions: the government and the commune (equivalent to the French canton) with its Mayor and its Municipal Council.

Portugal places a large part of its economy on wood and cork. The problem of fire is therefore serious.

Why do we need to be aware of the urgency of the situation and help the Bombeiros save lives and protect the environment ?

Firefighters in Portugal are a branch of civil protection in Portugal. In 2013, Portugal had 42,592 volunteer firefighters and 6,363 professionals. And the gap is widening year after year: the obsolescence of materials and equipment, poor conditions and general non-recognition, etc. do not encourage volunteers to engage many. And despite the creation of a vocational school in 2017 near Porto, the increase in professional firefighters do not increase either.

Observations made barracks of Porto on summer 2017

Porto 300,000 inhabitants. 1 barracks of professionals, 2 barracks of volunteers. The SAP is provided by ambulances and the local UAS. Staff 230 SPP and 33 SPP in the guard for 12h guards. Equipment obsolete as well at the level of the vehicles as the equipment of the firemen …

Operational activity - Approximately 4000 sorties per year

OD 50%
Fire 30%
Road rescue 20%
Others 5%

For an important city more equipped than the others, we already notice a under-equipment and under-staff: 33 SPP at the guard for 4000 departures! And 2 VPI and 2 FPT for a pool of 300 000 Hab, it’s totally insufficient!

It should be noted that the Porto barracks have been in existence for 350 years and the firefighters still have no official residence in Portugal. Only volunteer firefighters of civil security are recognized as such. And there are still too few professionals: for large cities (Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and one or two others …) there is a body of firefighters “professional” but not recognized as such.

The firefighters are communal employees, the command is military. Specialized rescue rescue is provided by the Navy and radioactive and chemical rescue, SD etc … by the military.

A SPP school in Porto opened in 2017 to train future supervisors.

The evolution of the situation is too slow and not sufficient to ensure the safety of the population and protect the environment in good conditions or minimal conditions...

Without the means, every day they struggle to save lives…
Today, they need us ! So, do not hesitate any more : HELP THEM ! 
It is the action of each and everyone that will fight effectively to preserve our heritage,  our forests and Our Lives …

Do not hesitate, join PararOsFogos and be, you too, actors of this change ...

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