Your Holiness
During our 2017 Portuguese holiday in front of the nature, environment and forest destroyed, and in front of dead families and children, we decided to create an association to help firefighters on several fronts: surveillance, prevention, administrative and legal measures, actions, testimonials, etc.
We are convinced that the fires in Portugal, increasingly numerous and deadly in recent years, are not inevitable if we fight together…

That is why we must all mobilize in the face of the gravity and urgency of the situation to lead this fight, above all human and to preserve our inheritance, our nature, our lives and those of our children.
All firefighters interviewed this summer are unanimous: “the situation is serious and lacks human resources, equipment and materials …”
But the Portuguese population is too expectant.
Your Holiness, we need your support. An answer to our mail or any other signal that allows us to sensibilaze and motivate the Portuguese to join the association “Parar Os Fogos”. Then it would already be a victory. Our first objective is to mobilize as many people as possible in this fight against fires in Portugal.

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